Thursday, September 17, 2009

A very busy, but productive day!

I love days where I feel like I get so much accomplished...they don't happen often enough. Lil D and I hit a few stores this morning and I found these for only 75 cents a piece...

and after Lil D hit the nap...I turned them into these...

and then I FINALLY took these (click here) and got them all up and prettified!

Do not mind the big Maxell man over my fireplace (does anyone remember that magazine ad?)...he has been, and always will be, in the tv room of any home that my husband and I live's a long story...and really not that great of one...but he belongs with us...and we love him!

I bought a leaf garland at Micheals and then some Christmas and fall picks in oranges and bronzes (all sparkly and pretty) and filled in the empty spots.  I also used extra beads I have from beading to add to the pumpkins.  My favorite trick are the leaves in the upside down vase.  Maybe you all know this, but I was AMAZED. On the Today show a week or so ago they were showing different centerpieces and used vases filled with stuff and then placed upside down.  How do they keep the stuff  inside you ask?  "press n seal" saran wrap...put it on, press it down, cut off the excess, then turn it over...nice!

After getting the home all decked out (still have a couple more things I am trying to finish up) I made these. And just in time 'cause Lil D was up and we had a train track to lay out and play with.  Then off to get a hair cut for the little guy...which he did NOT want (see here). Then we raced to Target (where we were unlucky in candle choices) and to the neighbors and then back home to eat this. After hanging the canvas print from Ikea (we bought 3 weeks ago) above our bed...I gave my husband a beyond needed haircut, bathed the kid and put him to bed. Phew...I think it's about time for me to do the same!


Jaymerz said...

Yep I saw that trick and LOVED it!! I love the pumpkins and I really want to try it.

Roeshel said...


Your mantel looks so beautiful and festive! Your candles turned out gorgeous (75 cents?!) And of course I love your pumpkins! They turned out awesome! ;)

Great job! You fit a lot into nap time!

Have a great day!

Unguren said...

That looks really good. After fall your mantel is going to be empty and then you are not going to know what to do with it.

Keep'n up with the Cameron said...

Looks like spray paint has become your BF too!!! Hey, when you're here in OCtober I have a few tasks for you.....#1: I need my necklace fixed the wire came out and that's what irriatated my neck. #2: my watch #3: I want my hearth decorated cute....yours looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! or give my some quick, cheap tricks for my house warmning party this week!!!! Did you write these things down?

Alicia said...

You mantle is gorgeous and thanks for the upside down vase full of flowers trick. I'm going to try that for a table scape I want to do this weekend for fall.

Thanks and please come by for a visit.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

thanks for joining the Fall party, all of your decor looks beautiful!

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