Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Faux mercury pumpkins...

I saw this great idea here. And I am pretty sure I ran to Michaels to snatch up some pumpkins of my own (the smallest one is actually from Roberts). Lucky for me they were 40% off (I won't tell you that 3 days later they were 50% off...jerks)...but I got my pumpkins...of course, it wasn't until yesterday that I was able to get to them.  Oh, and not during nap time, because Lil D opted out of a nap.  Lucky for me he just brought his toys into the garage and played while I "played".

Oh...and he also took hold of my camera and snapped some pictures of the "process" for you all...I guess my 2 year-old can be helpful sometimes:)
(yes, I am painting in my good jeans...I was too excited to change...and no, there was no damage done!)

I used the splatter with a toothbrush technique and it worked great.  I may add more before next year...but I was done for the day and Lil D was done as well.  It totally wigged him out that I was putting paint on a toothbrush.  I hope it doesn't give him any ideas!

Now I just need to find the perfect setting for these 3 beauties!

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Keep'n up with the Cameron said...

I need to get some of these. How much were they???? I have some extra spray paint!!!!!

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