Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dinner is yummier when the husband gets involved...

Today I got out the pork tenderloin and marinated it in this recipe. The husband actually grilled it up for us, along with some pineapple.  All I did was make a spinach salad with feta and craisins.  I am seriously loving "no grocery shopping week".  I used up my spinach before it went all wilty, used up my pure maple syrup (in the marinade) before the expiration, used up one of the 2 tenderloins (I think I will do the other Sunday and slice it for sub sandwiches with melted swiss...mmmmm), and finished off the rest of the feta.

Tomorrow we are having our new neighbors husband wanted me to do something all fancy pants and impressive...I reminded him this was "no grocery shopping week" even if the new neighbors are coming over. Sooooo...guacamole burgers with turkey bacon and swiss cheese it is.  With a side of sweet potato fries with basil salt and lemon dipping sauce.  Doesn't that sound fancy?  I will admit, I do have to go to Costco tomorrow for non-food items, and I may or may not purchase a dessert...I know that is lame because I totally love to bake...but I just have too many projects I am trying to finish a delicious cheesecake from Costco it just may have to be...we'll see!

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Jamie Bailey said...

I LOVE the mantle. The pumpkins turned out great! I also like your no grocery shopping week. I've been doing that this week, but just because Bryan is gone and I feel like I don't need to cook much for just the boys and I.

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