Thursday, September 17, 2009

No nap equals "helping hands"!

It always worries me a bit when the boy opts out of nap time and his napping days may be numbered.  It's not like I give him a choice...he loses every sleeping aid he thinks he needs...but today, I think I missed the window.  Too many errands this morning after a late class at Gymboree.  Oh well, who wouldn't want this cute face helping around the kitchen to prepare for a nice neighborly BBQ?!

So this is my new favorite dessert...for the fall!
I was so excited when I read it on and was even more shocked when my only missing ingredients were the pears.  I even had whipping cream (left over from the shower's fruit dip) to top it off with Lil D's favorite topping.
This is seriously so yummy and you should definitely try it out!

So our little BBQ (on no shopping week) was a great success! Grilled burgers with melted swiss and guacamole...even tomatoes right off the vine in the backyard.  Add some sweet potato fries with sea salt and basil (also from the backyard) and a pasta salad with the remaining italian dressing and left over veggies from the shower. I'm telling all tasted so good and my sweet new neighbors from 2 doors down would have no clue that I haven't been to the grocery store in over a week!

Tomorrow we are off the the UT state fair...not the best state fair...but there are cows and the big yellow slide AND a hypnotist.  Oh, and lots of yummy food!  Hurray for fair food!


Jamie said...

YUMMY!! I think I will try it.

Anonymous said...

The cake sounds yummy and so did your BBQ! Hope you're having a good weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by, leaving a comment and becoming a follower! Good luck in the giveaway...

AJ said...

This looks so yummy!

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