Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Safari diaper cake

I am throwing a baby shower for my good friend Jorden this Saturday.  This baby is a long time coming and we cannot wait for HIS arrival.  I, of course, offered my baby shower throwing desires before the little one was even conceived. So this party has been so fun to plan.  Alright, so I haven't always been a fan of the diaper cake...I always think, just make an adorable cake...but for this shower "safari theme" to go along with her safari themed nursery...I found the cutest cupcakes in "hello cupcake" that I have to a diaper cake was in order to fill some space and to have a "cake" at the today's naptime was the perfect opportunity to get this project completed.

Here are the supplies I started with...I had to improvise a bit.  See the big white bag...that is 1 of my 8 bags of wipes that are sitting in my closet and I REALLY wanted to incorporate it somehow.  Whenever diapers go on sale at's only on sale if you also buy a box of wipes...and we NEVER go through the wipes like we do the diapers...and since Lil D decided he wanted to be potty-trained (at 28 months, I know he's amazing) we will never get through all those wipes...okay, you don't care about that...just wanted to use them!

I ended up surrounding the wipes with little swimmers...they are a little taller then the size 1 gave me more diapers AND they are blue...perfect. I rolled each diaper and secured with a rubber band...then rubber banded groups of 3 & 4 together and after setting them around the wipes, tied them all tight with blue "it's a boy" ribbon.

I ended up using another cake board between the bottom and 2nd layer and this sippy cup to stabilize the diapers. I did another square/rectangle layer of diapers and secured them all the same way.

My top 2 layers are round and covered up the remainder of the sippy cup...guess that will now be a surprise for her!

(in the pictures all layers look round...but the bottom 2 are more square)

I then added painted wooden animals (from joanns and michaels). 2 bibs, some travel lotion, body wash and hand sanitzier and some wash cloths.  The colors for the party are lime green and lt. I found things in those colors to add on.
This is the back...

and the finished project!

For my first diaper cake...I was very pleased with how it turned out.  I LOVE the safari animal theme and can't wait to show you the cupcakes and other decor I have in store!


Jamie Bailey said...

That is so cute! Good luck with your shower!

Jamie said...

Adorable Teri!! I can't wait to see the rest.

Unguren said...

The invitations were cute so why wouldn't everything else be?

Baker said...

Adorable! And so creative! I'm pretty sure even if I tried to copy it, it would not turn out so cute. You're amazing!

Keep'n up with the Cameron said...

Wow teri....impressed!

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