Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner at the Thompsons

Asian chicken rolls with plum dipping sauce
(thanks Hannah for another great recipe)

My sous chef: Lil D

"I do push...get chair...'scuse me...sorry...need chair here"...

a couple things about the recipe:

1. it doesn't say to cook the chicken first...may be obvious...just wanted to point out that you do cook it first.  I did mine in a pan on the stove with some "EVOO":)
2. it calls for water chestnuts, I am not a fan, so I left them out and didn't miss them.
3. this is the first time I have let the pastry shell thaw properly (40 minutes on the counter) and rolling it out was SO much easier (I guess following directions isn't a bad thing)
4. when I rolled the first roll up the ends were open and I had to pinch them closed at the end, not well (it leaked a bit) the second one I folded in the ends as I rolled and it worked better and looked prettier:)
5. I just happened to have white sesame seeds on hand (from who knows what or when) so I put those on top...if I didn't have them, I wouldn't have used them...I don't think you would know the difference.
6. I LOVE my food processor...thanks Mr. "no christmas gifts this year" gift (from 4 years ago)...I'm just saying!

dinner is served...

The window guy was at our house while I was cooking ( windows coming soon) and informed me that dinner smelt great...thank you window man...I totally agree!

This was good...Mr. T and I both enjoyed...Lil D had to be threatened with his room (again) to take even one bite...but he ate it and said it was good (correct answer lil man).

A few things I would change:
1. the chicken tasted dry (not sure how to fix this) and Mr. T seemed to think it needed more flavor.  I am thinking I used too much calls for 1 lb...but since I pull my chicken out of a costco size bag, I'm not exactly sure how many tenderloins equals a pound.  I'll try a few less next time! 
2. Even with less chicken, I think I would still add more of the other ingredients...especially the cilantro and garlic chili sauce.
3. I cooked it for 25 minutes...I will be cooking for at least 30 next time...the pastry wasn't cooked all the way through.
4. the dip/sauce was good...but a little too sweet for me...I'll have to play with it next time.
5. I love that you can put pretty much put anything into puff pastry and my mind is reeling with may be my new favorite thing to cook with.

If you haven't checked it should really head over to Boiled Hot dogs...she has some fun recipes to try...not recipes I typically pick out...but if Hannah is willing to try it and like it...I will give it a whirl too!


Jamie said...

I have tried a bunch of recipes from Hannah, I would never be brave to try them without her OK. We made the Keilbasa and Apples with mac and cheese and it was so yummy!! The kids want it all the time.

Unguren said...

I am glad that you pointed out my mistake...I will need to fix that.
I am pretty sure I used uncooked chicken...which helps it stick together and not fall out the ends when cooking. I think that would also help it to not be dry.

I think you rolled yours a different direction than I rolled mine. I rolled mine the long ways and I think you rolled yours the short. No? I can't tell. I am glad you liked them.

Oh and I don't care what your take/use/reference on either of my blogs. I am chill like that.

Unguren said...

By the way...crepes super easy to just takes a couple of tries to get the batter spread properly. I made a double batch so that I could have extra to get out the kinks.

Jamie said...

That looks so good! I love the Boiled Hotdogs blog. I made the pizza-filled pretzels last night (with the help of Trey) and the boys loved them! I may have to try this recipe next week.

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