Thursday, October 15, 2009

naptime project...and beyond.

I know we aren't even to Halloween yet...but I have started on some Christmas presents.  I have a good excuse...I need to have them down in the next month so I can send them home with family visitors coming to my house, who will then travel back to their homes and can keep some for themselves and deliver the rest (make sense?).  Just trying to save money on can call me cheap.

These are little make-up bags for little girls. (I'll post my tutorial tomorrow...I'm too tired to make much sense at this late hour).  I'm more excited about what goes in them, which is my Friday project.  Best thing about these...I didn't spend one penny on them (well, today any way).  Had the fabric (from projects a few years ago), had the snaps (from my Halloween costume...which I still need to make) and the buttons (from bracelet projects)...and away we go!

Then I made another one of these.  I went for blue with a touch of brown (clear brown so it's not too much). Still took me way too long to make it.  Not sure how to go any faster...but I LOVE them!

I felt pretty productive today...and Lil D was a trooper letting me work.  He is really into playing on his own with his cars.  He talks to them and they talk to each other.  Sometimes I respond to him and he gets upset, "no mom...I'm talking to my cars"...sorry for interrupting:) Hopefully, he will be just as good the next couple days, I have way too much to do before next Thursday!  So much to do!


Unguren said...

Well done. I would say that was a productive day.

Do you even have any little girls in your family except for Kensie? But put some little chapsticks in there and I am sure they will be a hit!

Jamie Bailey said...

Again, I love the bracelet and need to learn how to make them!!! Also love the makeup bag...can't wait to do the makeup project tomorrow!

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