Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Something that made laugh....

Background: Mr. T is a transportation consultant (civil engineer)....don't ask, just go with me. After starting his own business over 3 years ago, he has had to attend even more town meetings/public open houses. He often forgets to inform me about these "after hours" meetings which often conflict with my dinner plans. I give him a hard time ALL the time about giving me notice...and that would be more notice then calling at 3:30 to "remind" (tell me the first time) about a town hall that day....heaven forbid he write it on my "Family calendar" hanging in the kitchen.

Current story (that brought tears from all my laughing): We were watching the news as they were discussing a major transportation project that he is working with UDOT on:

News Anchor: It takes 20 minutes to travel from "point A to point B" headed west bound, but only 6 minutes to travel east bound
Mr. T: stats provided by me
News Anchor: blah blah blah....(something about) "flex lanes"
Mr. T: thanks to us for coming up with that term (turning to me)...Mel actually came up with it.
****More information about the project*****
News Anchor: The project will be open to public opinion at a city council meeting held in Taylorsville this Tuesday.
ME: Do you have to go to that?

***see, it's making me giggle again!

It's okay if I am the only one that laughs at this...but really, if I had a dollar for every meeting I wasn't told about until the day of....I could redo my kitchen the "real" way I want to...I'm just saying!

***I just read again to proofread, and again I'm laughing...sorry, it is just funny to me. Maybe my family and friends who know David will get a laugh out of it too!


Keep'n up with the Cameron said...

Oh my goodness...now that is funny!!! He is such a transportation Nerd but really good at what he does. I love you guys!!!! Hey, have him call me please I wanna discuss laptops!!!

Jamie said...

That is funny. Rob does that "I told you about that", umm really no you didn't.

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