Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's in your freezer?

I mentioned last week that my freezer was over flowing with food, and barely had room for my pie crusts and pizza this is the week when I clean it out...hurray! 

Can you cook for a week from your freezer?

Lunches from the freezer:
mini pizzas on english muffins (loved these as a kid...husband never had them...he loves them now...)
spicy black bean burgers
chicken nuggets and tater tots (Lil D will love this)

I will be making some serious zucchini bread to try and rid myself of the many bags of shredded stuff leftover from last year's garden!

Sunday: Crockpot vegetable beef stew with rolls. 
Monday: Fish Tacos: chips, salsa and guac.
Tuesday: BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and corn
Wednesday: Pasta dish...psuedo lasagna
Thursday and Friday...the boys are on their own:)

Grocery shopping purchases for my dinner menu:
Sunday: stewing beef, rolls
Monday: shredded cabbage, avacados (I forgot cilantro, so will need to pick some up)
Tuesday: nada
Wednesday: pillsbury pizza dough to make some breadsticks

*On a side you ever buy the bags of corn or white corn tortillas, but don't use them all.  I wish I could buy them in 10 count bags...and I hate to freeze them because they just don't taste the same to me.  SO...after using a few to make tortilla strips for this meal...and saving a few for our fish tacos for this Monday night....I cut up the rest into chips and did a little frying.  I'm not sure how you feel about them...but "homemade" chips are delicious.  Fry 'em up...add them hot...YUM!  Store the rest in a paper bag and I've got chips to side with my fish tacos.  And the beauty, didn't have to "buy" any chips and didn't "waste" my remaining tortillas....


Kim at Polka Dot Thought said...

Your week menu looks delicious! I am doing crock pot tomorrow night--yumm!!

In answering your question about the color white we used for the cabinets--we actually used Valspar Semi Gloss, with a white that matched our trim. I hope that helps some! Share pictures when you get that completed--it is a lot of work, but well worth it :)

Unguren said...

Talking about the tortillas....I have an good recipe for tortilla soup that you mix up corn tortillas in the soup. I will have to post that...and make it.

Eardley Fam said...

Mama Thompson I love your blog!! You are one busy gal and are always up to something fun.-looks like I need to move back to Morningside so you can show me the ways of all things crafty and yummy to eat! Wish you were visiting Germany with your parents too!

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