Sunday, October 4, 2009

What's on the menu this week?

When we left Vegas on Friday it was sunny and 80* (fabulous).  When we left southern UT to head home was the 70s, but windy as all get out.  Then we arrived home...cloudy, rainy and COLD...hello fall! I can't say I hate it (I will say I hate it in January when I am so over the cold and wet and snow) actually makes me a bit happy...and ready to bust out some old warm dinners...and try a few new ones.

So this is what we will be eating this week:
Monday: (dinner out with the dad is in town...:)
Tuesday: Chicken Pot Pies (care of Iron Chef Cat Cora...Bon Apetit mag that I stumbled upon at the hair salon a few weeks ago).
Wednesday: Grilled Tomato and Red Bell pepper soup with pancetta (care of Emeril Lagasse). With a side of grilled cheese (not your old cheddar...maybe some muenster on asiago bread)
Thursday: Tortilla Soup
Friday: Fish Tacos (because the sun will be out by then and we should be back in the 60s) AND I will need to use up the salsa and guac from thursday and what a better way...?!


Teri said...

Hi Teri! Love your name! I used DecorArt's Elegant Finish Metallic Glaze Medieval Gold on the pumpkins. Then I used Sparkle Glaze for the stems and on the crowns for added whimsey. I looked for the glaze that Kate used, but couldn't find it anywhere.
Have a blessed week.

Alicia said...

Please post the Tortilla Soup recipe. That sounds so good and I'm really in a soup mood. Have a great week!

Jamie said...

It is going to be in the 50's this weekend so will you PLEASE post the tomato soup recipe? That sounds so good.

Jami said...

Tell the Ricker I said hi! I am in SLC and was going to drop by to see you, but I will let you hang with your pops and catch you next time!

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