Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meal challenge 2...Clean out your pantry

Every day this past week I made a to-do list...the first thing on my list each day was laundry...know when I finally "started" it...yesterday afternoon...sad, I know...I just can't believe how busy this week was. Maybe today, I will actually get it folded and put away:)

This next week isn't looking much more promising in getting "household" stuff done with Christmas quickly approaching and many gifts (and church stuff) yet to be completed...SO...I decided to make my life easier...I hope...

I was at Walmart yesterday to finish taking care of our Neighborhood thing, and I bought some milk, fruits and veggies...that's other food. This week there will be

No meal planning...

We will be eating quick fix meals all week, from whatever I can use in the pantry and fridge. There is so much stuff in hopefully this challenge will not only save time in the evenings, but will help clean out the pantry a bit!

What about really busy right now...can you go all week using what you already have for meals? Can you save yourself time making runs to the grocery store or preparing "fancy" meals?

Join the challenge...make speedy meals and clean out your pantry!

Here are a few ideas I already have for next week:

-breakfast for dinner
(I'm sure you all have eggs, pancake or waffle fixin's maybe even bacon or sausage. How 'bout a quiche with homemade crust?)
(spaghetti sauce any one...I think I even have a frozen lasagna meat mixture in the freezer)
(have any leftover frozen bread or rolls?)
Maybe some soup for our many cold/snowy nights that are coming?

I think it will be a success and we will still eat just fine:)

Good luck!

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Jamie Bailey said...

I did this a couple of weeks ago. So we got home this afternoon and have NOTHING to eat in our house, aside from some leftover chicken noodle soup that I froze before we left. If I tried your challenge right now, we would all be eating string cheese, crackers, and... that's about it. Good luck! I agree - there is way to much to do this week besides cook. I'll call you and we can go over primary stuff this week!

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