Friday, January 15, 2010

A bit sad...and yet happy!

I'm having mixed emotions about tomorrow...I cannot wait to get home to my house (read: bed)...and a mile long list of home improvement and craft projects that I just want to get started...but I am also VERY sad that I am leaving beautiful (albeit rainy) family...and my mother's unfinished rec room (keep working on her Vic).

I have had such a great time hanging out with my family and enjoying some sleep (thanks mom for caring for Lil D in the mornings since he has been getting up at who knows what time to "play").

However...I have been a little jealous of all the fun projects you all have been working on and I am ready to jump feet first (head first is VERY unsafe) into so many of my own. And February is going to be all about getting that bucket of craft projects done and starting on the basement revamp.

The Plan:

I'm turning the "guest room closet" into a craft closet. I'm ditching and organizing the desk area and making the room part look more like a "guest room". Making a "craft closet" will clear out all the craft stuff in the large open room which will then become a "play room" (with a treadmill...but that's okay)...and the storage room will be cleaned out again with most of the stuff going into the garage on some new hanging shelving Mr. T will be building (that's your notice:). With the play room being complete, I can finally move all of Lil D's toys downstairs and then I will move onto making my family room a family room. I am VERY excited about getting these spaces finally in a state where they are useable...liveable....and decorated. is one step closer on getting to revamping the main living area...which will be a HUGE update...can't wait!

For's time to pack back up and get ready to get on a plane...Lil D is VERY excited to ride on another airplane and to see his dad...the past few days have been very difficult for him...he is missin' his daddy:)

See you in a couple days...hopefully with something done:)

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the rest of your time there. Looking forward to seeing you back here! Looks like you're going to be very busy :-)

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

I hate when it's time to say good-bye to family. My little prince got so happy this time about riding back on the airplane until we got there and he realized he couldn't go back to grandma's. He planted his feet firmly on the floor in the middle of the airport and would not move. I was loaded down with suitcases so it was quite a scene;) Have a safe trip and savor the memories!

Real Housewife in MN said...

Ok so now I've added another blog to my reading list! Love the project you're working on at your mom's house! Thank you so much for your great comments on my blog! I've only been up and running for about a month now but I just love seeing everyone's great projects and ideas. Thank you for taking up a few hours of my life as I scroll through your posts!

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