Monday, February 1, 2010

February Challenge...

The Organizing Junkie is having a challenge for the month of February...
luckily it's perfect timing for my February goals of"ing" the basement.

Want to join too...go here!

Step you my mess...(remember, this is a judge free zone:)

Enter: The basement...

I know...I KNOW...I'm lucky to have a basement...lucky that's it's finished...lucky for all the space...on and on and on...I wish you had one too (if you don't) and because of how lucky I have been for the past 4 1/2 years I have finally realized that it is time to take full advantage of this entire space...

So here we go:

don't even say it...yes, there is a treadmill covered in stuff...hard to believe but we used the thing religiously until last spring when we started running/walking outside...when the cold returned in November...we did not return to this thing...I am happy to report that as of last week, Mr. T has cleaned it off and is back to his running schedule (I cannot say the same for me:(

The Guest room:
(I am sorry to all of my family who had to sleep in this cluttered room with a shelf of stuff
precariously sitting above their heads)

yep, the "office" the desk and computer have not been used in well, a few years...Mac laptops rule at our house...sorry little PC.

and then there was "the closet".
Luckily, this part of the makeover is nearly done (you can see it here)
(Mr. T just finished nailing the work top down and screwing the legs on so it's my turn to have some fun:)

So...what's the plan...
I've listed the grand plan for each room on my side bar.

Basically...I will put a smile on my face.
Oh and USE my basement!

Here's hoping I can get it done in 28 days...why does February have to be so short?


Karen said...

Great space! Good luck with your challenge!

Jamie said...

Good Luck!! I am wishing I could do more with mine but we are not doing any big makeovers to this house.

Unguren said...

My the Force be with you.

I guess that is the good thing about moving. You end up getting rid of crap if you wanted to or not. Silver lining.

Unguren said...

ooops. That is suppose to say "May" not my.

Jamie Bailey said...

Oooh, can't wait to see the finished project. It makes me excited to get started on ours...I'm not quite sure where to begin though!

happygal said...

Kudos to you on tacking a big project. I started with my storage room and play room a few weeks ago and the difference it has made for all of us has been huge!

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