Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear April...

It's a good thing I am busy doing this...

and this...

or else I would be really angry that you are doing this...

let this be your warning...spring is here...I will be ready to bask in it's warm sun rays quit the snowing already!

On a side note...we got this done today:
family room ceiling painted
kitchen ceiling painted
some of living room ceiling painted
family room 1st coat of paint on walls
door frames painted
all the holes in the kitchen walls filled and ready to be painted

On tomorrows to do list:
finish ceilings
prime red walls
complete family room color
paint living room and up stairs

if not done be done Friday:
Paint kitchen
finish up any painting that needs another coat or touch ups

Gotta love my sister and all her help!


Unguren said...

The snow is making me a little hostile. Good job on the painting!

AJ said...

You are crazy busy and I am envious. I think this summer if I can get the baby boarder off my wall I will be happy!

On another note...I may want the TV after all. We'll need to chat.

Alicia said...

There's nothing like a sister to help when you need her. You sure are a busy lady!

Erin said...

wow! i would go crazy!! maybe i shouldn't tell you that it was 85 here today?oh well, i just did. i wore sandals and a dress. it was lovely.

agirlsmusthaves said...

Jealous my two sisters get to be together....can't wait till July! Love the color....wish I was there not to help paint but I could have been the camera man.

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