Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Share #1

I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (mormon:)...and currently, I am the primary president in my ward (I am in charge of the little people 11 and under) and have been for just over a year. I LOVE my calling...LOVE being with the kiddos...LOVE hearing them sing...LOVE listening to them grow in the knowledge of their Savior and the love he has for them.

Every once in awhile, we do something that I think is especially fun in our primary...whether it's a lesson, activity, or gift. So...I am going to start Sunday Share...on an occasional Sunday, I will share something going on in our primary that I thought was extra great and maybe will be a help to someone out there that needs an additional idea. Then I want to hear from you!

So...for my first Sunday Share...

Tomorrow is Missionary day!

Just over a week ago the missionaries showed up at my house because they had heard of other missionaries coming in to primary and sharing a...
(pause...stop talking...YES...of course you can:)

Hey missionaries, you want to come do a sharing time? bet!

So tomorrow we are doing a joint sharing time with the junior and senior kids together (that's about 55 kids) and the missionaries are going to share a message with the kids. THEN...I have hung a big map in the primary room and we are going to put pins in it in places where friends and family have served or are serving missions. We are going to talk about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can be missionaries now. Then I am going to have the kids write/draw letters to the missionaries serving from our ward so we can send them a little package.

I am really excited about this sharing time. The kids LOVE to have guest "teachers" and I think they will enjoy the map activity and doing something for the missionaries.
(best part...I didn't even have to arrange it...the missionaries came to me...nice!)

So...I've you wanna share?

leave a comment with something fun going on in your primary, youth group...any church organization for that matter...let's just share our ideas!

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2sisters said...

That's a great idea!!! Sometimes Sharing Time can be so hard. I am currently the Primary Secretary, and so I thought I was getting out of Sharing Time. However, when there is a 5th Sunday, I get to be Sister Friendly. I get to don a big fluffy apron with lots of pockets (in which I keep treats) and a bonnet and do some sort of game using articles from the current Friend. It's fun for me, and the kids occassionally get a treat which they love!

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