Sunday, April 18, 2010

a break from the mess...

I snuck downstairs on Friday (away from the mess and dirt) to make a bracelet for my neighbor (she's having a little girl in a month...named Aubrey)...
(I made other

I got "stuck" down there for a few hours and made up a few more items for my etsy shop.
(I'll try to have them listed in the next case you are interested)

double strand fresh water pearl necklace.

double strand glass pearl necklace with flower.

burgandy bauble dangle for this necklace (scroll down).

and a fresh water pearl dangle.

and then I found these great yellow stones...and just had to put together this yellow and blue necklace...looks so great with my blue capris AND my yellow skirt (so I'll be making another for myself:)

I might have to sneak down there again tomorrow...while the floor is getting laid...

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Jenn said...

Stopping by from Sumo's Sweet Stuff. These are all so beautiful. I wish I had the patience!

Kaysi said...

So cute! I love how they turned out

Unguren said...

Well done as always. Aubrey is a very cute name.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I'm loving those yellow stones! We're all set for your feature to go up tonight at 10 :)

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