Friday, April 30, 2010

dressing around jewelry...

Last night Mr. T and I had a business dinner.
(They are trying to woo a guy to come work for them and his wife wanted to meet us and Mr. T's business partner and wife).
Every time we have some sort of dinner thing, I want to go buy a new outfit
...but I shouldn't...
and since most of these "things" are fairly casual...
I really do have plenty to wear.

I made a new necklace instead.

then I just needed to find something (in my closet) to wear with it.

4. My favorite green earrings from a store called Fuego in Auburn, WA

My new favorite green cardigan (dress barn)
White T (shade)
Trouser jeans (Gap)

Turned out to be a really fun night and dinner was delicious.
And my outfit...perfect for the that!
oh...and hopefully...the guy will join Mr. T's ever growing business...
time will tell.


Christine said...

beautiful neclace! I like working backward too, I just don't have the jewelry to choose from like you do! If you lived closer, I'd like it if you could pick out my outfits for me too! :)

Aubree said...

Love this outfit!!!

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