Friday, April 2, 2010

It kinda makes me want to scream...

I had to go buy 2 more cans of paint today (at Lowes)...when the girl rang me up...she handed me a super long receipt to which I asked, "what's that"..."it's a rebate form"..."for what?"..."your valspar paint"..."I just bought 5 gallons of paint the other night and didn't get a rebate form"...(girl picking up an ad)"it's just from March 31 to April 5"..."oh good...'cause I was trying to be prepared and bought all my paint the night before I started painting...on the 30th"....seriously? Why don't I read my ads....please don't laugh at me...I could have just saved an additional $25. Want to hear how it gets better? My sis and I decided to have a girl's night this evening (or break from the paint) and we took Mr. T's car...guess what we found in his car...a 10% off your entire purchase at Lowes...yep, could have saved another $20. You know you coupon people right're dying right? Me too...$45...That's a gallon and a half of's SO sad.

On a positive note...after 3 days of painting...we have about 15% left of the living room to finish and about 2% (just touch ups:) in the kitchen. Vaulted ceilings are crappy to paint...which then leads to really tall walls and scary ladders and my tummy hurting and almost falling today of the scary ladder that gives me a tummy ache....ohhhhhh goodness I like my feet on the ground:) But the main living area is almost complete in the paint department and I couldn't be more 1/2 day should do it.

But for the weekend...I've got Lil D's b-day party (that was supposed to be a family party, but the family attendance keeps dropping:( tomorrow afternoon...then another sister comes to town and we have a few craft projects we want to do...then I should probably color Easter eggs with Lil D...and then there's Easter and Easter dinner in my MESS of a kitchen. Dear family members...I apologize now for the mess...but I promise the food will taste good:)

I'm hoping to squeeze in some "cutting in" during all this...don't you just love projects:)?!


Jamie said...

HAHA, I usually try to plan paint around the rebates they do them all the time. I can't wait to see it when you are all finished.

Have fun this weekend!!

Art Simple said...

We are painting too. Our whole upstairs runs together so we have to paint EVERYTHING. We didn't know about the rebate at Lowe's either so it was a pleasant surprise when we got the rebate receipt!! Also there was painter's tape that had a $10 off your next purchase of $50 coupon so we bought 3 rolls of tape before we bought the paint and saved another $30!! :)

Christine said...

:( Sorry for taking some of your family members from your party. It was unintentional I promise. Infact, if they'd come I'm almost sure I'd have a baby out by now! :) Have fun!

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