Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Share gold plates

This year, as a presidency, we really wanted the kids to have their scriptures in primary each week...especially the senior primary. I bought one of those plastic paint cans (clear) at Roberts Crafts and drew a line near the top. Each week, if the kids brought their scriptures, they got to put a fuzzy ball in...this past Sunday they made it to the line.

I asked my second counselor to do a handout to give to the kids for making it to the line...

Today she showed up with this:

are you kidding me with how cute these are!?!

They are 2 hershey nugget candies glued to a piece of cardstock. Then she made teeny tiny pages that have the chorus to "Scripture Power" on one side and a "great job" on the other. The red ribbon in the middle looks just like the ribbon bookmarks in actual scriptures. I couldn't get over how great these were.

So many possibilities with how you could use these handouts.

She said between talking to her mom and looking at sugar doodle, this is what she came up with. I searched a bit on sugar doodle and couldn't find if you know where this idea might be, please let me know.


Jamie said...

seriously those are adorable. I am trying to figure out how I can include them in a RS lesson :).

Christine said...

those are dang cute! :)

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