Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our new pets.

We are NOT pet was kinda in our "pre-marriage agreement" know...where you discuss # of children...and if you will or will not have pets. We will not.

But sometimes animals have plans of their own.

A week ago a little quail family showed up in our backyard.
Mr. T went out to take some pics and of course that freaked them out.
They took shelter under the deck.
(can you see mom and dad in the bottom right corner?)

We left them alone for awhile...then I snuck around the side of the house so they wouldn't hear me and got a few pictures.
(look in front of mom against the fence)

Mom was able to jump up into the garden, but the little babies were stuck down in the grass.

I freaked them out pretty I left them alone again.

A few days later, they were back.

I mean cute is that little guy?!

This morning...back again.

They even ventured into the front yard.

And after they were done at my they went.

I'm sure we will see them again.

A few interesting things I noticed. Dad quail is always on the lookout. Most of the time he was farther away from the little family...often on top of the fence just looking around. Whenever we came outside, he and mom would start squaking at each other...non stop...sounded like they were screaming at each other...but as soon as dad would squak mom would squak and the babies would hide or scatter. It was pretty cool to watch!

I like to think that they feel safe at my they can keep coming back:)


Marissa said...

So cute :) Look at all those babies! And your tomatoes from the previous post...look soooo delicious!

Jamie Bailey said...

Aww, cute babies... This is just the first step to becoming "pet people." Next, it's a fish, and then a frog, and then a stray duck, and then a dog!

Christine said...

Baby birds are so cute! You should get a baby chick for Dallin. He'd love it! :) hehe

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