Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pier 1

Funny story...well, funny to me. I have been going to EVERY store I can think of to find "stuff" for my built-ins in the family room. I have a hard time with this...really. The other day I went into Pier 1 to have a look around...that's all I wanted to do...just look around. Well...the lady there had other ideas. She kept pushing me on what I was looking for, so I finally told her...then she wanted to know what colors I was looking for...etc. She then proceeded to "drag" me around the store to look at stuff. She even showed me some magazine pics so she could get an idea of what my "taste" is...blah blah blah.

I should have been grateful for the help I guess...but I really wasn't planning on buying much if anything at all. She told me about how it works when she is working with a design client and how to make a design board. I was dying inside. I am NO expert in the design world...but I do know what I like and what my room needs...even if a design "expert" may not approve...it's my room right?

Really...the whole thing just cracked me up. She even suggested I take a picture of the room and come back in so she could help me pick out more stuff. I guess I should have told her from the beginning that I am CHEAP...and that I would rather find things I like and then try and duplicate them on my own...but I let her lead me around while she threw out words like "vignettes" and "chotskies"...oh how she was trying to help.:)

Good on you Pier 1 gal for trying to help me out and make a bigger sale!

So...here' my jumping off point:

I got the rug at Home Depot and I LOVE it! I have a lot of greens and blues around the house, so for this room I am trying to bring out more of the rusts and burnt oranges.

I got this at Pier 1 (prior to my guidance counselor jumping in to help)

(Maybe I should light the candles and then take some pics?:)

and she showed me this box...which I LOVE...huge thanks on that one.
Here Mr. T fill this up and leave my shelves clean:)

I also hit Tai Pan and Home Goods where I got the clock and the orange vase.

It's getting there...one little "chotsky" after another:)


Kristi said...

Sounds like she's someone who wants to be a designer, but is stuck working at Pier 1. I've been thinking about getting a part-time job and briefly thought about Pier 1, but I could never be that annoying person they have who accosts people as they're coming in the door. :-)

Your room looks great so far! Oh, do you have a World Market around? It's kind of like Pier One, but a good bit cheaper.

Marissa said...

sounds like she was giving you the grand tour. I love that rug from home depot! Looks great in your house and the Pier 1 box! Lookin' great so far!! Love your blog, glad I found it!

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