Friday, August 27, 2010

What 3 year-old does that?

My nearly 3 1/2 year old is a "power nazi"...seriously...

When he leaves a room...he turns the light off.
When he is done watching tv...he turns it off.
When he goes outside or comes inside...he shuts the doors.

If you leave a light on...WATCH OUT!

Example 1:
(I'm upstairs in the hallway, with the light on, checking out my outfit in the full length mirror)
Lil D: Mom, did you turn this light on?
Me: Yes, I'm using it.
Lil D: Well, you need to turn it off.
Me: I will when I'm done. (then I don't, as usual)
Lil D: didn't turn it off (as he turns it off for me:)

Example 2:
(he's over at his babysitters, their whole family is home. Their 18 year-old Trevor comes out of the family room...Lil D goes in to the family room then promptly comes back out)
Lil D: Trevor, were you in that room watching tv?
Trevor: Yes
Lil D: Well, you need to turn the tv off when you are done so you don't waste power....

Awesome...that's all I can say...truly Awesome.


Jamie said...

that is AWESOME!! I wish my kids would remember.

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I agree. Pretty awesome. :)

Jamie Bailey said...

Maybe he can come over and teach Kevin a thing or two...

Carol said...

I certainly don't remember David being that conscientious about saving power when he was a little tyke, so it's definitely not hereditary. Dallin is truly a special boy.

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