Friday, September 10, 2010

Glass block monograms.

I have a friend named Teri (yep, same name...same spelling) and she is great at party throwing. I LOVE helping her. A few weeks ago her oldest son came home from a LDS mission and she had an open house after he spoke in our ward. Man, I wish I had taken some was so great. Her next son is leaving after the first of the year...I'll take some pictures of that open house.

This past Thursday she threw a bridal shower for one of her dear friend's daughters. Our neighborhood is pretty fantastic when it comes to showers...even if you are new to the neighborhood, if you are getting hitched or knocked up, someone is going to throw you a party. Teri actually did my baby shower a few years was so great.

Ok...seriously...on to the most recent shower.
Teri went with the bride's color scheme of black and turquoise. She wanted to keep things as simple as possible and mostly black and white with just a little of the turquoise.

This is the "gift table"
(focus on the glass block because I am IN LOVE with them).

Teri has these glass blocks and we thought they would look great with the couple's monogram on them. So I taught her how to do vinyl on her cricut and this is what we came up with:

Teri added a black ribbon around the outside and then the toulle.

For the food, she had veggie trays and dip, fruit and dip, a variety of breads, some pumpkin bars and cream puffs. YUM!

It was a really great party!


Cindy said...

What a super cute idea! Our PTA made some christmas blocks like that, but they were, um, not so chic. In fact, I was embarrassed to say I helped put the things together....I had to work with what they gave me :)

Summer said...

Where did you get your glass blocks?

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