Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not so much a meal plan.

Last week's meals were a HUGE success...I love when new recipes taste good enough that even Lil D will eat them. The Sourdough strata got BIG raves from all the family...I was surprised by that one, but pleased. However, next time I am going to half the recipe...makes a ton for my little family.

This week we are only going to be home 2 nights for dinner...that's crazy. So to avoid grocery shopping, we are eating what we have.

Sunday: BLTs with fruit salad and leftover potato salad
Monday: Pork tenderloin sandwiches and bruschetta (leftover pork from last week's dinner)
Tuesday: Boys are on their own (I see Costco pizza in their future)
Wednesday: What ever leftovers I can dig up.
The rest of the week we are out of town. Mr. T and I are dropping off Lil D at the in-laws and heading to Vegas (it seems to be becoming a new yearly tradition).

Ok...so last night I made up a big bunch of bruschetta. I LOVE having so many romas every year...LOVE them...good job garden!

Garden fresh bruschetta:

8-10 roma tomatoes, seeded and diced
1 bunch of basil (more or less depending on how you like it), chopped
salt and pepper to taste (I use A LOT of salt)

Mix it all together and serve on little crostinis.
(I buy mine already prepared, why spend the time when these are SO good).

And then for dinner....Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches. This meal got the boot last week since we decided to head up the canyon and roast hot dogs instead (Thanks Baileys).

I had a full tenderloin leftover from last week's meal. It had a balsamic glaze on it...so I decided to reheat it in more balsamic vinegar. I added about 2 T of olive oil and 2 T of balsamic vinegar to my pan and then added the slices of pork to reheat.

It only took a couple minutes on each side. The meat really soaks up the vinegar, which makes the sandwich even better. I put the pork on some crusty rolls, added a few slices of swiss cheese and then rolled them up in foil.

I put them in the oven at 400* for about 15 minutes...
and they were all warm and toasty and the cheese was melty and delicious.

Slice in half and serve.

You can also add sliced tomatoes and spinach leaves to the sandwich before or after you bake it...so yummy!


Kelli said...

Wow, the pork tenderloin sandwiches looks so yummy! I think I will add that to my grocery list. Thanks for the great idea.


Unguren said...

The pork sandwich looks good. I have a tenderloin in the fridge...along with swiss and some rolls in the fridge. That makes my life easy.

Jenny Sunshine said...

Funny- I added the strata recipe to my menu plan to use up some tomatoes and spinach from my CSA basket last week and I found it made way too much for my family too! I have leftovers in the fridge, but I'm not sure how they will be when heated. Definitely a keeper, but one recipe I will need to shrink down!

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