Monday, October 18, 2010


The color of the month at Lil D's school is orange. The Tuesday before Halloween they are supposed to where orange to school. Since they aren't dressing up in their costumes for school, I thought he might need a Halloween shirt to wear. I have the paper doll dress up cartridge (for the cricut) and they have some seriously cute Halloween things. I just loved this skeleton!

I ironed my fabric to some heat n bond. This allows it to be stiff enough to be cut smoothly on the cricut.

Then I ironed them easy, right?!
I made one for my nephew as well! 'bout a little skull for the back...

I decided that my 2 sweet little nieces
(that just moved across the freakin' country from CA to hiss)
needed some cute little shirts as well!

I did the same thing...but cut out ghosts instead.

Love them!

I bought all the shirts at Walmart. The kid shirts were $4 and $5 dollars and the onesie was $3. I bought a couple of different Halloween fat quarters for 1/2 off and have tons left. One of them even glows in the dark...gotta figure out a great way to use that one. It was such an easy and quick I've gotta find a cute Turkey day thing:)

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Jamie said...

Adorable!! 1 more cricut cartridge to add to my list :).

Unguren said...

So cute!

Did Steve and Jamie move? I am so out of the loop.

Carol said...

Oh my gosh, those shirts are so cute!!! I especially like the pink, but the orange is great, also. What a super idea, and very inexpensive. Way to go!

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