Monday, October 11, 2010

A vinyl cutting machine...literally!

Last Thursday and Friday I spent most of my time cutting vinyl...
A LOT of vinyl.
My mom, sisters and I are doing a craft and gift boutique the weekend before of my sister's and my mom had ALL these great ideas for different items they could make to sell...BUT...I have the cricut so I can cut the vinyl...BUT...I live in Utah and they are in Seattle...SO...I get the measurements and cut away...and away...and away! :)

This is not a complaint...I just couldn't believe how much vinyl could be cut:)

this was my kitchen for a few days....
(oh yes, there was plenty of soda involved)

and yes, you see two cricuts. The smaller one is mine. I had to borrow a friends because I needed to cut out some stuff bigger then 6"...then I ended up using hers for everything...I think I'm in love. I could put in my word or shape or whatever, then tell it to cut 30 and walk away....Awe.some!

So...all their stuff is I have got to get going on my stuff to here we come!

I'll post pictures of all their awesome stuff in a month when I get to Seattle...I'm pretty sure you may want to copy some of it.

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