Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Memorial weekend.

I'm sorry, I have no pictures to share...yet...

I would have liked to have been outside enjoying the sun and warm...oh wait...there was no sun and warm here....just 50s and rainy...craziness! But good, because it kept us moving forward on the house's what we did:

-Beadboard is up in the baby room. It's been patched, caulked and has one coat of paint on it.
-Baseboards are up in Lil D's room and closet, the baby room and closet, the play room and half of the master. Only the rest of our room, the guest room and a small hallway to go.
-I have patched and caulked all of installed baseboards.

--I'm really, really tired. :) Getting up and down installing baseboards can really wear a person out...but I will be SO glad when we are done!

**Here's hoping that the carpet guy can install the new carpet at the end of the week...and then maybe my house can get put back together before my mom comes to town in less then 2 weeks!

What's left to do (aside from the baseboards):
-the cap on the beadboard
-patching and caulking the crown in the master bedroom
-lots of touch ups on the baseboards after the carpet is installed...I'm gonna beg him to be really nice to my new boards with their beautiful paint job that I worked so hard on:)
-Finish the update in Lil D's room
-Put the baby room together with the decor I've been gathering (can't wait to show pics of a few things I've found:)
-Put the play room together...maybe even add some decor if I have the energy!
--Maybe take a trip to the pool if we can get above 70* one of these days!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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Carol said...

I am so happy about all the stuff you're getting done. How excited you must be to get so much accomplished, and you still have 3 full months to complete everything. Way to go!!

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