Sunday, November 20, 2011

...back to blue...

A few Sundays ago Mr. T blessed Cooper.
It was such a wonderful day, with lots of friends and family around.

I pretty much duplicated the pink party and did blue.
(of course I forgot to take pictures until most of the food was consumed)

My mom made these adorable little booties for him.
My grandma used to make them and every year for Christmas we got to pick a new pair out of her "slipper chest". I had my heart set on her making me a pair of white ones for my wedding, but she passed away a few months before then. My mom surprised me, learned how to knit them and made me a pair. Still makes me tear up just thinking about it.
But that has nothing to do with Cooper...just makes me think of them and my Grandma every time I see a pair:)

My mom also made him a blanket.
Have a mentioned my mom is super talented and I love her so much!
I also love this little guy quite a lot as well!

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