Monday, January 16, 2012

Crock Pot Sunday: Pineapple pork tenderloin

It was ok.

I ended up getting it in the crock pot later then I wanted so I had to cook it on high...I hate doing that because it seems the meat dries out fast. The pork didn't seem to have soaked up the flavor like I thought it would. I ended up dumping the sauce from the crock pot into a pan and reducing it down and then pouring that over the top, which helped it a lot.

I have one whole tenderloin left over...
I think I will shred it and use it in tacos or something else.

Next time...I'll cook my pork tenderloin the way we love it...on the grill.

I am excited to try some of her other recipes for Crock Pot Sunday...
I just hope they turn out a little tastier.

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