Sunday, September 13, 2009

What is in your fridge?

With the baby shower behind us and the primary program just 2 weeks away...I am not feeling any less busy...and with that...I am making one less stop this week by skipping a trip to the grocery store.  This week we are eating whatever is in the fridge, freezer or pantry...with a few nights out (luckily)'s the plan.

Sunday: Chicken Pomodoro (from Boiled Hotdogs) with angel hair pasta
Monday: BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and spinach salad (leftovers from the shower)
Tuesday: dinner with my cousins (hurray dinner date)
Wednesday: Grilled pork tenderloin and grilled pineapple
Thursday: Ranch turkey burgers with chips, salsa and guac. (with our new neighbors)
Friday: UT state fair and delicious fair food

Luckily, I have leftover fruits and veggies from the party and my fantastic neighbor is giving me some of her romas from her garden...mine are picked clean and the remaining greenies just don't want to turn. So I have plenty of fresh produce to get us through the week.  I'm thinking it is all sounding pretty good right now...maybe I should go have a snack?!


Unguren said...

If your tomatoes end up not turning red...I will take the green ones off your hand. I want to give fried green tomatoes a go.

With the pomodoro you may want to double the sauce since you mixed it directly with the noodles. I am glad you liked it.

The Snedegers said...

You are so creative!! I really don't think we could live out of our kitchen for a week. I guess that's what comes with living in apartments! I loved the baby shower stuff!! So so cute! I need you in my neck of the woods for Relief Society!!1

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