Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

Remember this challenge I started on November 1st...

That crazy idea I had to not eat out for a month...

I DID IT!!!!!

Literally....for 30 solid days, every meal that I put in my mouth came from my home. Every breakfast, lunch and dinner I prepared with my own 2 hands. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE to cook...LOVE....but I also LOVE to eat out...LOVE...

Want to know what I missed about not eating out?

-Costco pizza for 1.50
-Lil D eating his lunch during the errands, so I could kill 2 birds with one stone (lunch and errands:)
-hamburgers and fries (sorry kids...I LOVE THEM)
-did I mention Costco pizza?:)

***that's really all...it wasn't that big a deal.

Want to know what I learned about not eating out?

-leftovers aren't that bad to eat "leftover"
-I waste a whole lot less food when I eat those leftovers for lunch
-I eat less.
-you can actually have 30 different meals (no repeats) in a month
-there ARE more dishes to do (bless my dishwasher...and the thing that automatically washes my dishes.)
-you can lose a few pounds
-there is more to feed a child for lunch then chicken and fries
-I spend a whole lot less money on food (I can neither confirm nor deny if there was an increase in spending on craft items...this will be discussed during a challenge taking place in 2010)
-Lil D can lose the habit of requesting to go to a restaurant for every meal (yep, he's 2)
-It's fun to challenge yourself and win!

(I will make a few admissions...I did obtain fountain sodas from convenience stores on a few occasions, my loving sister did buy me a Starbucks hot cocoa and an In N Out chocolate shake on another occasion...but as all of these are beverages and did not amount to a "meal" it doesn't count as cheating!!!)

I am glad this month is over....no...I am not going back to my old ways....but I do miss being able to go out with friends to chat over food...so if you are up for a dinner date...give me a call!

By the way, my last guest is flying home tomorrow....and since no one ate out while at my home over this past week...I've decided that I would treat her to brunch OUT at one of her favorite bakeries here in UT. Then we are on to these meals for the rest of the week (and a few we already ate)! Still trying to use up the rest of the leftovers...are you?

Sunday: tri-tip with baked potatoes and salad (by request of my brother)
Monday: hot turkey sandwiches and leftover mashed potatoes turned into cheesy-green onion deliciousness and the remainder of the cranberry sauce.
Tuesday: Quiche (using up leftover breakfast items from the families visit...and I will be making my own crust from scratch) and hash browns (with the left over baked potatoes)
Wednesday: Turkey Soup and rolls (more leftovers)
Thursday: homemade pizza pockets
Friday: I think we will go out for dinner (haven't said that in a few weeks)
Saturday: Ward Christmas Party and I'm making cream cheese soup (with the rest of the uncooked potatoes from Sunday).


2sisters said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Good for you!!! You have inspired me to try and eat out less. Thanks!!!

Unguren said...

Well done! While you have not eaten out at all I think we have eaten out more this month than any other. Still not sure how that happened...

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