Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some many projects...just not enough time...

My sister came in to town to be with me...we are doing lots of fun is leaving me little to no time to blog...I am not sad about that:)  I'm excited to show all the fun things we are creating...

Today we went to a holiday boutique/bazaar in a ladies home...we didn't buy anything...but I got even more fun ideas of things to try to make!  

Our crafting list just got longer!

Stay tuned! jewelry arrived safely in Federal Way, Washington this heart is resting easy...and I am ever so thankful to my oldest sister for taking on the selling of my stuff this Saturday.  She sells fantastic bags/purses if you are interested in purchasing one...or if you live in her could have a party!  Go here to see!

PPS...still on the no eating out...19 days and going strong...even with a visitor here!
Last night we had Reuben sandwiches and tonight homemade pizza...see...I'm feeding her good!

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