Sunday, November 22, 2009

Frustrating...but I'll survive:)

I was all excited yesterday that I finally had time to "get my craft on"...I have 3 projects that I was trying to get done...but nope...all three all stalled.

#1---a magnetic countdown...guess I mis-counted my I get to hit Joanns (again) tomorrow for a few more:)
#2---a Target "look-a-like" glittery tree....I am sure I have green glitter, but it is no where to be found...add that to the Joanns list.
#3---an FHE board...I just need Mr. T to drill me some holes....but he was busy reformatting my "new" computer so he didn't have time. (I am NOT complaining...I'm very excited about that)...I know, I know, I could probably drill it myself...but the holes don't go all the way through and well...I don't want to mess it up.

Yesterday was finally the Meeker Bazaar in Tacoma...if you remember, I had spent the previous few weeks pumping out some jewelry to send to my sister.  Here are the pics from the show:

My sister sells sunglasses...

She did a great job setting it all up...the frustrating part...we didn't sell much:( She said that there were a lot fewer people there then she remembers in previous years...and even though people liked it...they weren't buying.  I sold some stuff...I was just hoping for more!

The good news...a friend of hers is having an "in-home" bazaar next weekend and she is going to see if she can get my jewelry in that.  Plus, she has 2 "bag parties" the week after Thanksgiving that she is going to take my stuff too.  Hopefully, I will get more of it sold!:)

Even more hopefully...Monday will be a more productive "crafting" day...
But for's time to get up and ready for church...:)


Keep'n up with the Cameron said...

I love you!!! Your jewelery is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! We just need to find the right venue and maybe the "snobs" in Tacoma aren't it (I can say that cause I live there and have been accused of being a snob! But 3 more chances to get it out there is great!!!!! Make more of that orange and blue collection because they loved it!!!!

2sisters said...

Isn't it frustrating when things don't go as planned. I hate it when you go to do a project and don't have what you need, and can't go get it right then.

Karla said...

I was there to support you! Loved seeing it all in person :) Beautiful, of course! Bought a necklace for a friend and cannot wait to give it to her for her birthday on Wednesday!

I'm not surprised that there wasn't as much traffic this year at the Meeker bazaar. The past few years haven't been great as far as product goes (in my opinion). I have talked to several people who live in the neighborhood who said they didn't bother going because the past few years have been so disappointing. Speaking from experience...I did several bazaars when I was making my signs and blocks and they were never the money makers. Ever! SO get that Etsy shop up, woman! ;)

Can't wait to see you in January! XO

~Karla @ It's The Little Things...

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