Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas party

Last night was our ward Christmas party.
Here's Lil D with his "girlfriend" Kate...they seriously LOVE each other and half the time just stand and stare at one another. She is just over a year older then him, but don't think I'm not already planning their wedding:)
(did I mention I love her that helps)

The primary was in charge of doing a Nativity...
Here are our Mary & Joseph with baby Jesus and the "stable animals"
(I took head bands and made sheep and cow ears...they turned out cute 2nd counselor had all the costumes for everyone great)

Here are the "angels" that sang the Nativity song while the kids acted it out.
And our little shepherds.

Our wisemen, angel and "star"

and our little angel chorus to sing a few more songs...

The kids did so great and it turned out wonderful!

Santa even came to the party...

On a completely different note...this is the "other Teri" in my neighborhood..she is the one that has put together our big neighborhood gathering/sub-4-santa that is going on Monday night...I'll tell you more about it tomorrow! It's going to be fantastic, even though I am feeling a little stressed out about getting everything ready and decorated for it.

OH...and the windows are all in and the house is warm again...I'll wait to post after pics until we get all the stickers off and the new base moldings in (where we tore out the tile). But I will tell you...I LOVE them...they are gorgeous and I don't want Mr. T to put the blinds back up:)

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Sandra said...

Looks like it was fun...out party is this coming Saturday...the Primary is doing the program too. We are having southwest Mexican food instead of the old ham and potatoes!

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