Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jewelry for the Etsy shop...

Something VERY exciting is happening this Thursday...and I seriously can hardly wait!
So come back and find out...I hope you will be just as excited!

In the mean's a few things I worked on this weekend.
(some for the shop...or maybe just Christmas gifts...not that my sister's will complain)

I'm loving this little baubly mess of wintry colors...

but not as much as these two colors...

quick funny story about the above colors. Lil D LOVES to tell me all the colors he sees..he is VERY particular about what he wears ("my favorite is green")...He knows all his colors and says them correctly...but the funniest when he calls things that are either silver or gray..."silver-gray". Nothing is either silver or's just "silver-gray". Soooo...I was at Joanns and saw these beads and LOVED them so I grabbed a few strands and headed to the check-out...I looked down at the tag to read it and (I am not kidding here) the lighter colored ones are "silver-gray"...yep, who really is one color:) I knew he was smart!

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Lynn said...

Leave it to a two year old to tell you what's what! The necklaces are all very cute - although I think the "silver-gray" one is actually my favorite!

Cindy said...

I think you have a little designer on your hands :)
Loverly necklaces!

Thanks for linking to Mi4M~

Its So Very Cheri said...

I love your necklaces--just gorgeous.


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