Thursday, January 21, 2010

He tried to set me back...

Last night after Mr. T got home from work (late I might add:) and we had some dinner (I won't even tell you what we ate because I am VERY embarrassed) I headed out (on my own) to do a little gandering (pretty sure my maternal grandparents used that word) and shopping. I hit Lowes to pick up some more paint samples (this picking of a tan color is killing me) and then on to Michaels, Target, the dollar store, and Carl's jr. for an oreo shake (what can I say...). With no progress on the basement completed yesterday, I was determined to get to it first thing this am...till I remembered that Lil D and I had Gymboree at 11...but my determination stuck and I decided I would get out of bed "early" (by 8 at the latest:). When I arrived back home, Lil D heard me come in and so I went to kiss him goodnight...he was burning up...Mr. T informed me that Lil D had coughed a little bit throughout the evening...cough is an understatement.

Have you ever heard a seal bark? Maybe at a 'bout in your home...coming from your 2 year-old's room? It's not a pleasant fact, it makes your heart ache a bit. After many of these coughing fits, Lil D got up and through his Darth Vador breathing (it's a medical term, if you didn't know, the doctor used it many times), informed me he needed to rock (it was 2:30am)...we did until he said he was ready to go back to bed. My heart was breaking for my little boy as he laid on me trying so hard to breath. I had thoughts of the ER...but he went back to bed and slept off and on till morning.

Remember how I wanted to get right to the craft priorities changed...after caring for Lil D in the morning, a LONG trip to the Dr's office, lunch, a trip to the grocery store, and "helping" Lil D fall asleep for his nap, well, let's just was time to make dinner...awesome!

...but who could be upset at this face...
(these are the types of pictures I find every time I upload pictures)

Luckily...Lil D's "croup" seems to be improving...strange onset (out of no where really)...the doctor gave him a steroid and his little frog voice is getting better and the coughing has subsided (hopefully we will have a better night). AND...I did get the rest of the wire shelving down and pulled out 20+ drywall screws...then I patched and patched and patched some more. Bonus...I decided at 9pm to make a few loaves of zucchini's yummy...I deserved it:)

Oh...I did get to wear my new $12.99 shoes from Target all day...I heart them!

Here's hoping some painting can happen tomorrow!


Erin said...

i hate croup. my oldest used to get it really bad. it was so scary. the used to get it twice a year. thankfully he is out growing it!
I hope Lil D is all better soon!

Unguren said...

Gavin and Laney have both had croup numerous times. We have a nebulizer and medicine for it if you ever need it.

Jamie said...

Hope lil D is feeling better. Hannah had it last weekend and then Hunter started coughing last night. YUCK!!

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