Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More china...maybe I should start collecting my own

I may not have seen my mom's china much growing up...but this china, on the other hand, brings back a lot of memories. This is one of my great-grandmother's china sets. I never knew her...but I had 25 years with my grandmother and by then this china was her's and I remember it well.

It's now in the care of my I played with it during this current trip home.

I just adore it. Maybe not because of the roses or color...

but because of the memories that bring joy to my heart and even a tear to my eye.

I miss the grandmother who let us set her table with these beautiful pieces.

I don't even drink coffee or tea...but I would take these sweet cups in a heartbeat.

and the serving bowls and platters...I could totally use with all my white plates and green table decor.

every bit of it...I just love!

Unlike my mom's set...this one is more then complete. I think there is almost 12 full settings. and with the crocheted tablecloth....on my grandma's dining room's like we are in north Seattle on a Sunday evening sitting down for dinner with 2 of my favorite people ever. Maybe that is what outdated and discontinued china is for...the best memories ever!

I'm linking this one to Tablescape Thursday too!


Sandra said...

Very pretty pattern and so lucky to have such a big set of dishes.

Lana K. W. Austin said...

I read your other post as well as this one--I can't wait to go play with my mama's/grandma's china!!!!
Great job!
Hugs, Lana Austin

Martha said...

Beautiful table and beautiful china but the best if the beautiful memories you have of this china, this tablecloth and this table!

joybuzz said...

The memories makes the china special! It is very pretty and I wish I had my grandmothers tableclothes that she made herself that look just like the one your Mom has on the table. Thanks for sharing.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I adore the china and the tablecloth too!

Sarah said...

Nothing like having china passed down through the generations to bring back cherished memories. How special this all makes this table setting. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

Vivian said...

Very pretty dishes. Just curious -- did your mother or grandmother make the tablecloth you are using?

Liz said...

This is pretty china! I just love the colors and how feminine it is. It sure makes a lovely table!


Denise Marie said...

china love!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I don't know what's more beautiful -- the china---the setting---or the memories! How wonderful!

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

What a beautiful table! And the china pattern is gorgeous; I love the pink and green. It's wonderful to have something like that in the family, to bring back all those memories.
I have one crocheted tablecloth that I use often and I love it. I'm always looking out for more of them because I think they are so beautiful and look so perfect with vintage china!

Linda said...

Love this beautiful pattern...hope you have many many years of joy using them. Try to stay WARM in this COLD COLD weather.


2sisters said...

It is so beautiful. I was lucky enough to inherit my grandma's set which is very similar to this one (only it has half that many settings), and a hand crocheted tablecloth very much like this one. Your post made me very nostaligic about eating at my grandma's as well. Thanks!

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