Thursday, March 25, 2010

A proud little sister...

The other day, I bragged about my just older sister and her fantastic dining room furniture and dining area, I am going to brag about my oldest sister...and some of the amazing things she has done. This past summer she bought her first home, for her and her 7 year-old son. I wish I had the before pics to share....They painted every square inch of this home...from the top to the bottom. I wished I could have helped, but I live 800 miles away. I did paint a red square in her dining area for her, during a trip home (did it while I was sick with bronchitis...I love her:)

Here are a few pics of her home...if you knew her, you would take one look at her decor and know this home belonged to her...she just did such a great job.

want to see the rest...go here

This is her kitchen...she loves orange. My mom and Mandy added some molding they had painted to the top cabinets to help in her orange love.

The other night...they added a little something more to her kitchen...
the serenity prayer...for my 8 years sober sister...THIS is a great addition!

see it all here.

I have a lot of love for those 2 older sisters of mine...glad I have them!
(don't be offended little sisters...I love you both too....and you too I have a lot of siblings:)

Oh...and that just older sister of mine gets here on Sunday...and I can't wait...
painting and rollers and brushes
Oh My!


agirlsmusthaves said...

hey thanks sis!!!!! Can't wait for you to see the kitchen in person!!! Love you!

Jane said...

Wow...that orange trim moulding is really fun! What a simple way to jazz up otherwise plain cabinets! Thanks for stopping by Finding Fabulous the other day. Have a great week-end!

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