Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fling party box...

We all get mail walk to your mailbox and just hope (HOPE) that there is something in there more fun then some silly ads and bills.

But there is nothing better...NOTHING...then getting a packaged dropped at your door. A package with your name on it. A package FULL of goodies from someone you don't even know...but somehow knows you so well that they fill that package full of everything you could ever possibly love and enjoy....

Wanna see?

Just LOOK at that loot...seriously...can you even believe it?

The SWEET Lynette from Lynette's LAM (life after megan) blog was paired up with me for the funnest blog party I have participated in. Life as Lori put it all together (Thank you again Lori) and I'm serious...SO much fun! Lynette could not have hit the nail more on the head with this amazing package she put together.

I got 2 fabulous magazines: BHG and Everyday with Rachel Ray
(you know, the magazines you try to quickly scour before it's your turn in line at the grocery store.)

A CUTE easter box full of goodies including very lovely pink bath items and a CD.
(can't wait to relax in my tub with yummy smelling candles, rose petals and soft music followed by some pedicure time...wonder if Lil D will leave me alone:)
Easter candies (including a little sponge bob with candy that Lil D adored)
and DE-LISH cookies.
(I seriously could not keep Lil d away from the was so funny)

The Cutest St. Patty's slippers ever.

yes, I put them on immediately...they matched my outfit:)
(picture courtesy of Lil D...didn't know nearly 3 year-olds could take such great pics did ya?)

another delicious smelling candle...with a vinyl T on it...can you believe how cute this is?
Did you know that Lynette has an etsy shop where she does vinyl? NEED to see her great stuff.

I can't decide where to put this candle. It's down in my guest room for now (since it's also the craft closet, I get to enjoy it there as well), but I kinda want it where more of the world can see I think it will come back up to the living room once my house renovations are done and I actually have decor in my home again.

and last but not least...

I got my own tassel...


do you LOVE it? I LOVE it!

It's a special tassel...made just for my new guest room...
seriously...she made it just FOR my guest room...

(I have hung it on my jewelry display for now, because every other spot I thought to put it Lil D can bug it and I don't want it bugged...I want to try and hang it by the window somehow were it doesn't get lost in the jewelry...just have to figure out the best way to do it.)

Guess you all wished you would have played huh?:) It's okay, there's always next year!
Head over to Life as Lori and see all the other great packages that were sent out and received!

Thanks again Lori for hosting such a fun Spring Fling!

And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Lynette (again and again) for the amazing are too wonderful!


Christine said...

Seriously...even crappy snail mail is sometimes fun, but a package!? That looks like it was so much fun to go through! :) :) Lucky!

Jessica Sievers said...

LOVE THE LOOT!! I'm so glad we were able to take part in this fun swap!! I LOVE the tassel!!

Sweet Tea said...

That looked like Christmas in March - so many cute & fun things!

Maridith said...

Great stuff!! Love the tassel and the canister!! I am kicking myself for not participating!!

Lynette said...

I'm so glad you liked everything - it WAS so much fun and I'm so glad we were paired up!!

I'll post my loot tonight - I'm wearing part of mine right now and it is perfect!! Love it -

I'll be hosting a swap in the summer - all of y'all keep that in mind now!

Blondie's Journal said...

Lynette had you pegged!! Isn't it neat. I was in the swap, too. I love the candle, monograms are SO in right now. I also love that tassel. I have one and it has moved all over the house! lol!! The slippers are awesome , too.

Lynette is supposed to have a Summer Fling...Yay!!


Meg said...

Wow, what a great haul! Love the tassel and the vinyl! Always a fan of that stuff. Wasn't this spring fling fun???

Lori said...

Love all your stuff... Yep, Lynette and I went shopping together... We had a blast!!!

Thanks for playing!

Redbonegirl97 said...

That sounded like fun. You go ta bunch of great stuff, feel free to mail me anything you don't want, lol.


Jane said... me some tassles and monogramms! So much fun!

Jane @ FF

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