Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter...from the Thompsons...

yep...we woke up to a fresh batch of snow again today...
Where is my spring?

The snow didn't keep the Easter bunny away...just had to leave the eggs hidden inside.

2 of my sisters were here to celebrate Easter with us.

My older sister Vicki, made us these delicious quiche...they were SO good. And of course we had to have a smoothie too!

and after a day of snacking on candy even more food...
we had my step-brother, his wife and Mr. T's brother join us for dinner.

I found these great orange napkins at Home Goods the other night. They scream more summer then spring to me...but with the snow we are having...I'm pretty sure we will be skipping straight from winter to summer.

"cheesy potatoes" (as Lil D calls them)
in my bubble n brown baking dishes (LOVE them)

I got this bowl at home goods too...oh I love it!

with our potatoes and cesar salad, we had asparagus and ham...yum.

It was a really nice day...but my belly is full...and we have more painting to do tomorrow.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!


agirlsmusthaves said...

ummmm.....I need those orange napkins. How much?

Birdie @ Chirp in the Forest said...

Looks like a wonderful Easter! Except for that snow...I hope we're done with it too. Good weather wishes coming your way :) (And kudos for all your painting progress - awesome!)

AJ said...

no recipies for the quiche or smoothies or potatoes? What will I think about all day now?

Jennifer Juniper said...

Looks like a great holiday :) Oh, and I'm so ticked off by my dog pooping neighbor, I was so shocked that almost everyone said it was no biggie! Thank goodness for you :)

Anonymous said...

We were at relatives for Easter and they had snow there too (ugh). Luckily it was 65 when we got home and NO snow! I'm glad you had a good Easter (the food looks yummy too!).

Unguren said...

Dumb snow! It does look like you had a great Easter.

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