Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My sister left me today:(

but not before we finished every inch of painting I had on our to do list.

All the ceilings in the main living area and up the stairs were painted.
All the door moldings in the main living area were painted.
Every wall in the main living area were painted.

That's 3 rooms folks...the family room, living room and kitchen...I'm tired and it doesn't end with her flight back to Washington.

The funniest thing about this paint job...we have lived with the color that was on the walls when we moved in (except for the kitchen and bedrooms) and we didn't think it was a bad color...well, until we started painting the new color on...just think "flesh"...really it was that bad.

This was the kitchen I have had for the past 4 1/2 years (that's when we moved in and I HAD to have red kitchen).

We took down the upper cabinets so it would be easier to paint (we are getting new cabinets once Mr. T gets the tile out and the laminate floors laid).

A fresh coat of soothing paint...

We used Lowe's dust storm in the kitchen and family room.
(I will make no excuses for the chaos and mess...it's just how it is)

I promise we did finish the family room...I decided not to cut in since we are putting crown molding in this room...and we only painted part of the wall because we are doing board and batten in here too. Yeah...it looks awesome...but saving time and paint is much more important.

we even made it up the stairs...sort of...I haven't done the door moldings up there yet, so it's not complete, but at least started. Remember when I had to get on the ladder at my mom's to paint in a crazy scary area...the wall coming down the stairs at my house...not as scary...phew!

Happily, the living room is 100% finished, in the paint department. We even sold our coffee and end tables. The couches will probably go too...I want a love seat and 2 slipper chairs for this room...so we shall see.

Have I ever shown you my purple square in my living room? I really liked my purple square, but decided that I don't want to be restricted to certain colors because of this square. I want a more neutral color so I can change out pillows etc. based on the seasons (since my color likes change every time the weather does.)

so...we painted it the darker color that is in the kitchen and living room.
ahhhh...much better. The wall color in here is from Lowe's too...swoosh.

The house is a MESS. My mom comes on Thursday (hurray) so I am hoping she can help with painting more of the door moldings and maybe even get started on a few doors.

Saturday is supposed to be "get the tile out" day...oh I hope...it's SO dirty, but I just don't even want to clean a floor that is getting ripped out. We won't even talk about the carpets in the living room and family room...let's just say, no plastic was laid down on floors in the painting of those 2 rooms...drove my sister crazy, she said it just felt wrong...I just laughed...it was so bad already...I figured, let's just really kill it so it will feel even better to pull out:)

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Shannon @ Posh Pieces said...

Looks like you guys were super busy painting. I love how you painted above the sofa, what a fun idea! You mentioned your sister going back to Washington... I live in Washington. Something new we have in common. :-)

Jo-Dan said...

Painting is SOOOO much easier when you can get it on the carpet! The house looks great...I can't wait to see it in person.

Anonymous said...

You're a painting rock star! :-) I love the new, neutral color.

Jamie Bailey said...

Love the color. It looks great!!! You're house is going to look fantastic when you get everything done...

Unguren said...

Wow! Well done.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Wow, girl! You're going to have a whole new house when you're done!

Laura Lynn said...

Love the color!

Mallorey said...

I can't wait to see the finished product!! It looks great so far. Our bathroom is still not finished! We have trim to paint and fixtures to put up! Ugh!!

Leanne said...

I'm visiting from New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative. I love your new paint colors. I can't believe how much you've got done. I'm a lot slower at painting.

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

What a paint storm you've been in. I'm sure that was a big change to go from red to a neutral shade... LOVE the color. Thanks for sharing your painting at the POPP.

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