Friday, May 7, 2010

Another little change...

Things are a bit at a standstill at Thompson remodel 2010.

Rumor has it that the kitchen cabinets are supposed to be installed on Monday (but I'm not holding my breath) the kitchen is still looking like this.

The family room can't move forward till the built-ins get that room is looking like this:

that table is my "trim painting zone"
(thank heavens for a 3-year-old that doesn't touch anything...seriously...he doesn't bug a thing...doesn't matter what I leave out...he just ignores it...and no, it's not because he is always looking like this in front of the tv...:) He has NEVER gotten into stuff...even when he was even littler:)...I am super lucky!)

The living room has most of the furniture and I ordered the area rug on Monday (which should be at Lowes for pick up this coming Monday). I went with this one (not that couch though). So it is a half living room/half molding holding area:

I painted ALL of the window trim, but we had to wait till Mr. T found a nail gun on KSL classifieds (UT's own craigslist) instead of buying a new one. He got a nail gun and a brad gun/thing last weekend...both brand new...for $140 total...score for us. Now we just gotta get that trim on.

Mr. T also bought all of the baseboards for the house...hoping we can get it cut tonight so I can paint it and we can get it installed this weekend.

SOOO....this week I have been poking around doing little this...and, I painted the pocket door in the laundry room and the front hall closet. I've been getting a little antsy wanting to do more...but I guess I'm learning patience:)

I did get the down bath all put back together. My paint issues are completely resolved...the shelf is back on the walls...towel hook up...oh...Mr. T needs to hang the mirror AND we need to do the baseboards. Here's hoping before and after pics can be posted on Monday:)

Anyway...on to what this post is really about:)

When my mom was here and she painted ALL of the doors in my house, we also changed out all the door knobs from sweet gold balls to more updated brushed nickel knobs and hinges.

I also have 2 pocket doors in my house with these sweet gold latches.

I bought some brushed nickel ones to replace them...but of course, they don't fit (so they will be going back). Heard from a neighbor that they had to special order new thanks...I'll just spend a few dollars on some satin nickel spray paint.

I primed it first with metal primer.

Then did 2 coats of the satin nickel...

Looks brand new...

Love it!

My realistic goals for the weekend:

-cut and paint baseboards for the living room, kitchen, closet, bath and laundry room
-put in window trims

We are also going to make some final decisions on a counter top and sink. Hopefully, we can get those ordered this week, once the cabinets are done...hopefully:)

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Kansas Amy said...

I want to know... where do you find the time?!? ;)

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