Monday, July 19, 2010

progress close!

Last Saturday, Lil D got working on the stairs.

really it was Mr. T. (but Lil D is a pretty cute handyman).
He had to add wood to each step so they were square for the laminate to be attached to.

a week later (this past saturday) and a lot of work later...


after 4 months of walking on the dirty floor boards...
we have stairs to walk on!

(now to fill the holes:)

He even got all the trim around the "drop-off" on!

The banister that runs along the dining area and the "drop-off" into the family room has been unattached for several months. I can't even tell you how many times I have yelled at Lil D to not climb on it because it isn't attached...anyway, Mr. T was concerned about attaching it to the laminate floors since they are "floating" and you aren't supposed to nail/screw them into the floor because that takes away the movement of it (make sense?).

Anyway, Mr. T got the grand idea to drill a big hole under each spot where the banister gets attached...

Then stack washers in the holes so the weight of the banisters is on the washers instead of the laminate...brilliant right?

Whatever...I just know it is safe and secure.

While Mr. T was busy with the "man's work"

I made my 2 valances for the kitchen.

(yes, I am in a's a 100* here...they're cooler then shorts:)

Now we just need to get them hung.

I got the crown molding caulked, patched and touched-up.

"Made" the curtains and had Mr. T hang them in the family room.
(I sewed on the top fabric to store bought drapes from Target)

I even took a few minutes to label my pantry.

I am feeling VERY accomplished.

Soooo...what's on the schedule for today?
...and I mean finally give it a good once over and rid ourselves of all the construction dust...

touch up some paint
decorate the built-ins
hang the kitchen valances
lay the area rug and get the family room furniture where it belongs.
and hopefully Mr. T will be able to get the last of the wiring done/hidden and the trim around the built-ins and floors done.

Really, it feels pretty much done. And although my stress level feels a bit high...I think we will make it. My Grandma arrives this evening and my sisters come tomorrow lucky that they will have a clean home to come to and clean beds to sleep in...:)


1 Funky Woman said...

Loving the stairs and your little helper!

Alicia Jones said...

excited to see it all on wednesday!

Jamie said...

Love the curtains, the pantry, the stairs. Aren't engineer hubbies the best? Now I just need to find time to sneak up there and see it in person.

Jamie Bailey said...

It all looks great! I'm sure you're SOOO happy to have everything done. The stairs look great (we need to redo ours...). Have a FUN time with your family this week!

Unguren said...

Having family come is a good reason to get stuff done that would otherwise take a while to do. I know I always get alot done prior to company coming over.

The house is looking great.

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