Sunday, October 31, 2010

My little trick-or-treater...

For the past 3 years, I have picked out Lil D's costumes...

a dragon
2007: 7 months

Pajamas...I mean a skeleton
2008: 19 months

a doctor (wishful thinking...)
2009: 2 1/2

But this year, I tried and tried to convince him to a be a few different things. He would pick and change his mind, then pick again....and change again. We were at Target one day and he saw spiderman...and that, was the winner. Never changed again...good thing!

So here is my little spiderman!
2010: 3 1/2

He knows all about the superheros now....guess who is finally gonna get a cape:)


Jamie said...

Him and Hannah would have had fun together. She changed her mind a few times but once she saw spider girl she was set. He looks so cute!!

Unguren said...

He makes a good Spiderman.

Are you going to make his cape? I have a pattern if you need one.

The Snedegers said...

It's hard to believe this was his fourth halloween!! Time is going by way to fast. He made a great spiderman!! Well let's be honest he rocked every costume he has worn!!

Marissa said...

I loved looking back on Halloween's past this fun to look back and see how much they've grown! Your spiderman sure is a cutie :)

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