Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Steal of a deal

I've professed my love of Z Gallerie before.
and even though we have one here in Salt Lake, I decided to duck into the one at Fashion Show mall in Vegas.

So glad I did...'cause I scored this for $2.29

I LOVE it...but unfortunately, I'm not keeping it. Someone in my life has a love for orange even stronger than my I think she should have it. I may have to order a yellow one for myself though...we'll see:)


Anonymous said...

You are a truly selfless individual to be able to give that away! :-) It's awesome...

Keep'n up with the Cameron said...

she sure is because I'm pretty sure that will be for meeeeeee!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

The Watson's... said...

that is so funny! as soon as I saw it, I thought of Mandy!!! that is so cute!

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