Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family room...big reveal (with some board and batten)!

Last January, I was in Seattle for a visit and I went out to dinner with my good friend Karla (you've heard of her, she's amazing). I even brought pictures of my family room to show her so she could give me some guidance on how to attack this room during "Thompson remodel 2010". I had fallen in love with her board and batten and knew I wanted it in my house...she suggested this room would be perfect...that we could do it off the height of our mantel, and since we were already planning on adding some built-ins, we thought it would be perfect. Thus, began the remodel of the family room.

Here is our family room (picture from last fall).

First thing I did was move Lil D's toys to his new playroom in the basement (still just a room with toys...hardly to be called a "playroom".)
Then we painted (the ceilings too).
Then we laid (had laid) the new laminate.
Then the new built-ins were installed (same guy who did our kitchen)

Then came the board and batten.
Mr. T was a champ at putting this up.
I will give myself champ status for all the caulking and painting:) good night!

And then we added crown molding.
Mr. T has gotten pret.ty good with his chop saw:)
I have gotten even better with caulk. I should measure how many feet of baseboard, crown, window sills and board and batten I have caulked...or maybe I shouldn't.

We "reloaded" the room with the same couch, hung the tv on the wall (and got rid of the stand...yeah for more room:), put down a new carpet (from Home Depot) and added some decor...

The piano was permanantely moved here from the living room (it is so much better here), and a new bench was "made". I also was finally able to add real window treatments because I could keep my couch out far enough away from the wall without it running into the tv stand.
(PK...thanks for all your window treatment advice, forever ago...I finally got my full-length curtains:)

One more old pic:

and the new room!

(now I just need to get Mr. T to finish hiding all the tv wiring and I can really call it done:)
Oh...and I have GOT to figure out what to do on all my empty walls...and I need to cover the lamp shade...and and and:)

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cindy @ cottage instincts said...

I think family rooms are really hard to decorate, and I don't know why. You have done a fabulous job using your space and adding character. A great space! And I too can never figure out what to do with blank walls....need to pull out my Ballard and PB catalogues for some inspiration :)

Glad you could Mi4M!

Katie @ Chirp in the Forest said...

Wow it looks GREAT! I love the built-ins and your board-and-batten and crown looks absolutely perfect. Nice job!!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Such a difference the wood trim makes, it beautiful! Visiting from Cottage instincts :)

Heaven's Walk - said...

Wow - that batten board really cozies up the room and makes it more inviting! I know what you mean about caulking. We get to be pretty good at filling all those cracks and crevices, don't we? lol! Great job! It looks beautiful! Happy MM!

xoxo laurie

Jamie said...

it always feels like there are a ton of "ands". It looks great, I love the board and batten

dee dee said...

Wonderful change! The finishes are so professional!
Dee Dee

Janet said...

I think it looks great. Did you make those green curtains. I like them better than the original. Everything ties together so nicely.

Visiting from Cottage Instincts.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh my gosh, it turned out so great! Love the different colors and the great texture from the board and batten!

Erin said...

wow! the room looks so much bigger! you guys did a great job!

Anonymous said...

What a difference the built-ins and board and batten make. Your husband deserves an award for all that hard work! He really did do a professional looking job on the board and batten. Thanks for the shout out about the window treatments, too. I really like the ones you chose and the window looks taller with the side panels vs. the valance.

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