Monday, November 8, 2010

Lil D's bathroom reveal

It was beyond time for an update...

When we moved into our house 5 years ago, we did little to update the upstairs/kid bathroom. I gave it a coat of paint to cover the strange green color that it was (this coming from a green lover). A few years later we tore out the honey oak cabinet and put in a newer cabinet along with a new framed mirror that Mr. T built. But we decided that this year it was time to overhaul this overhaul we did.

Everything was torn out...everything. Oh...the bathtub in this bathroom wasn't insulated? I'm not sure if that is how you would describe it. Normally, under a tub there is insulation of sorts to support the bottom of the tub...the tubs are also built into frames to further support them. Our previous tub was not built in this way...let's just say that the tub creaked, popped, cracked with every movement or step...and even after someone was out of the would creak and pop for was terrible. got gutted!

We had all new tile put in from the floor to the ceiling.
We even had our tile guy build the tile around the tub.

I painted the ceiling and the walls.
Mr. T put in a new light and put his mirror back up with the same vanity as before.

I added some decor (ok...just lots of cute pics of Lil D bathing).

and called it good!

I'm in love with it!
It feels like a spa...Lucky lil' D


Jamie said...

I LOVE it too, I am going to have to save the tile idea for when we get another house. ENJOY!!

pk @ Room Remix said...

How fun to have a fresh new bathroom (or at least Lil D does!). Maybe he'll let you use it sometimes. That pretty accent tile is one of my favorite parts, and a green shower curtain? THAT was a surprise. :-) Great job!

Carol said...

Everything looks perfect!!! The tile is beautiful (especially nice on the front of the tub), and I love the shower curtain and darling pictures of Lil D. You definitely have a knack for decorating. Great job!!!

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