Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homemade Christmas Gifts #2

I don't have a little girl, so I don't ever make little hair blingy things...
kinda sad.
I'm over it...I have some way cute little nieces...
I can get the hair blingy thing making out on them.

I wanted to make a hair bow to match my little girl monster shirt.
I used the same fabric from the shirt and cut out 3" and 2" circles, then folded them over and over again.

Then glued the 3" pie pieces to a small square.

and the 2" pieces to the 3" pieces.

Then a little small circle and a button.

I glued it to a little headband and wallah...
Monster meet hair blingy thing.

I made her one more (because I can).
I made this one using Juniper's tutorial...I LOVE these little flowers. I have made some to attach to some of my pearl necklaces. They are super easy to make and super cute.


Can I wear these too?


Jamie said...

Those are adorable, I need to make some for my girls.

Jami said...

you can totally wear them. :)

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