Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homemade Christmas Gifts #1

This is a formal announcement to any of my family members...
If you want to be surprised on Christmas,
avoid any blog posts entitled "Homemade Christmas Gifts".


A friend of mine got this Cricut cartridge from her mom...
it was so cute I had to figure out a way to use it.

I decided that these little monsters would be super cute on I did the same thing as I did here and here and came up with these...

After ironing the fabric to heat n bond, I cut the pieces out on a cricut expression, then ironed them to the shirts. To ensure those cute little monsters don't go anywhere, I stitched around the outside...I had to handstitch the onsie monster because I was afraid I would kill it with my machine. I added googly eyes with some sewing glue (that ensures me they won't fall off in the wash...I guess we will see).

For the little girl I made a matching hair bow (which I'll show in another post) and
for the boys, I got "monster" trucks and some monster blocks.
Can you do a monster theme at Christmas...sure, why not right?!


Jamie said...

Adorable!! And yet another cartridge to add to my wish list :).

Jo-Dan said...

So, so cute. You always have the best ideas!

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