Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My "Lil" D turns 4 tomorrow...maybe:)

For the past few months Lil D has informed me that he doesn't want to turn 4. He was so excited to turn 3...he loved everything 3...and I think he is having a hard time giving that up. I finally gave up trying to convince him that 4 was cool and told him he could stay 3.

This was today's conversation:

D: Is tomorrow really my birthday?
Me: yep...but it's not your birthday party...just your birthday.
D: When's my party?
Me: On Saturday.
D: That's a long way.
Me: No, it's only a few days.
D: Why is tomorrow my birthday?
Me: because it was the day you were born.
D: Why do I have to turn 4?
Me: You don't have to, you can stay 3 if you want to.
D: Mom....it's my birthday, that means that I have to turn 4.
(to true little man, to true)

For his birthday, I made him a little t-shirt.
(Thank you cricut, freezer paper and Walmart's $4 t-shirts.)

And a birthday "sign" for the front room table.
(He actually helped me paint all the blocks green....he really loves to "help")

(block and vinyl set purchased at The Wood Connection)

After he went to bed tonight, I put together the birthday table.

(please ignore my outdated family picture...yes, lil D is 10 months in that pic)
(and please ignore my off centered rectangle thing...since we rearranged the room, it no longer works and I haven't taken the time to change it...I'll explain later)

I am really excited for Lil D's party this Saturday. For the first time, he had a VERY strong opinion about what we needed to have at the party. It was pretty funny to take him to the party store to pick things out. He chose a "construction" theme and I have found some cool things to do and give the kids. I also found an awesome cake that I will be attempting to replicate. One of the cutest things about his upcoming party was that he wanted to write his friend's names on the invitations and when we delivered them, he had to go up to the door all by himself....love him! You can see him writing his invites here....he's pretty impressive.

I'll post pics of the party festivities this weekend!

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Courtney said...

oh goodness that is cute and he is one little smarty! happy 4th birthday, mine just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and I just love it!

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